Well Balanced Center for Integrated Health is a modern pain management clinic where healing is achieved through specialized practitioner care and thousands of years of proven success in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our licensed and certified practitioners have many years of combined experience when it comes to pain, fertility, reproduction, anxiety, stress, digestion, fatigue, meditation, physical exercise and much more.  We believe that whatever ails you, that the comprehensive and very detailed system of Oriental Medicine is often and should be used in the healing of many deadly health symptoms.

For over 5000 years China has developed many practices that share in the common concept of  many various forms of herbal medicine, massage, exercise, acupuncture and dietary therapy.

It is well known that human health is often the perception of your bodies harmonious interaction of many of these entities, along with the outside world, and that a disease is the interpretation of disharmony through interaction. When a human body is in a state of underlying disharmony, there are many factors that can lead and contribute to disease, including the ability to function due to the process of aging.

Explore our site to read more about  the services we have to offer and to see which of our specialized practitioners is right  for you.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or please feel free to make an appointment through our online scheduling calendar.