Lisa Glasser, M.Ac., L.Ac

Pain Managment Specialist

Lisa Glasser
As an acupuncturist Eugene Oregon, I always get asked the question ” What made you want to be in this field?” The short answer is….the hard way.  As a college athlete I endured excessive physical stress which resulted in several injuries. At the time, I thought my only option was surgery. Four years and multiple surgeries later, I thought there has to be a better way. As I was recovering from my fifth knee surgery a year after college graduation, I found my answer in an alternative health magazine.  I read about a former college athlete, in my same position, who was now an acupuncturist. The article went on to explain her story and the benefits of acupuncture. I was sold! I made an appointment with my local acupuncturist in small town North Dakota and the rest is history.

I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN where I received a Masters in Acupuncture. While in school I had heard many amazing things about the great Northwest. I made the leap and settled in Eugene. I have grown to admire and love this community that has welcomed me and my practice with open arms.

Almost 10 years after first hearing of acupuncture, I am thankful to have found a profession that I love. At the same time I have found a way to help people facilitate their own healing and give them the knowledge to live a healthier life. It is through my education, life knowledge and passion that I was able to create Well Balanced, an environment dedicated to your health through acupuncture, nutrition and fitness.

In my free time you’ll find me exploring our great state of Oregon! In the summer months I love to hike and swim with my dog, Mazi. This year I have taken up gardening, it’s amazing to watch life grow. In the winter I try and find the sun on the mountains and I get up to the snow every chance I get. You’ll either find me on my snowboard or cross-country skiing.

Jesse Liberty, M.Ac, L.Ac.

Pain Management Specialist

After high school, I had no idea if I wanted to continue my education or work so I decided to do both and enroll in community college and work full time.  Knowing that I wanted to work with athletes, I started the Fitness Technology program at Portland Community College and got a job at Gart Sports, which is now The Sports Authority.

After three years of off-and-on schooling, and six years of working at Gart Sports, I felt I needed a change in my life.  I decided I wanted to continue my education and was accepted into the Human Physiology program at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.

I really enjoyed my classes and my time there, and was focusing on a career in physical therapy and athletic training.  However in the winter term of my last year at the U of O, I took a course called Complementary and Alternative Medicines and I was immediately fascinated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  The following term I began looking into schools for Traditional Chinese Medicine and found the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in my hometown of Portland Oregon.  I applied to OCOM, and after graduating from the U of O with a BS in Human Physiology, found out that I was accepted into OCOM’s Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program.

My exposure to athletics and athletes has also given me exposure to injuries.  As Western practices like surgeries and pharmaceuticals can surely help injured athletes, the recovery time with such therapeutics can be long and painful.

I believe that Eugene acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be integrated with western modalities, or stand on it’s own to help decrease recovery time from injuries as well as increase performance levels of athletes, and prevent future injuries.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a relatively non-invasive and time proven modality that uses the body’s own energies and immune system to keep the body in balance and can be a very effective medicine to athletes and weekend warriors.

My clinical experience at OCOM proved to me that acupuncture is a great medicine that can not only treat pain, but can also be effective for people suffering from insomnia, menopausal symptoms, digestive disorders, colds, flu, and allergies.